Wilma Studios
CGI Image Creation Specialists




Founded in 2009 by image designer Will Powell, Wilma Studios specializes in providing expert CGI and High-end Retouching services for Print, Interactive Media, Photographers and the International Advertising Industry.

Our broad and long-standing experience in high-end digital image design has enhanced multi-national campaigns for clients including Audi, Bentley, BT, JC Decaux, Lexus, National Grid, Jaguar Land Rover and some of the world’s leading agencies.

We especially pride ourselves on our range of automotive work and our wealth of product experience. As well as creating high end stills or animations, we can create thousands of assets/images for car configurators and can manage the whole CGI process from data prep to final coded delivery.

Will Powell

Will has been working at the forefront of digital design for over 20 years, specializing in CGI, 2D/3D imagery and digital retouching from its very inception as an effective tool in the media and design landscape. Will originally trained as a photographer, which is evident in his image design and his exceptional lighting skills in his work.

As a pioneer of CGI techniques and high-end retouching Will established the CGI offer at Saddington Baynes, as well as integrating 3D into their 2D processes. He defined a creative approach, and built and led a highly talented team, which shaped celebrated campaigns for some of the world’s leading brands and agencies. Amongst the global campaigns he led were Lacoste, L’Oreal, Honda, BMW, Toyota, Heineken, Deutsche Bank, Visa, O2, Smirnoff, Samsung and Cathay Pacific.

Will went on to create Wilma Studios where he and his team continue to bring passion, creativity and flexibility, plus commercial and brand acumen, to a broad range of projects for Audi, Bentley, BT, National Grid, Jaguar Land Rover, Lexus and more.